Early this morning one man died and another woman was badly injured in an explosion at the Varby Gard subway station in the new Islamic stronghold that is Stockholm, Sweden.Image may contain: textImage result for trump terror attack on subway

An object which is now believed to have been a hand grenade exploded after a 60-year-old man saw it lying on the ground and proceeded to pick it up. The explosion left him fatally injured and a 45-year-old woman has also been taken to hospital with injuries. Investigators are on the scene trying to figure out what actually happened and how the grenade got there.

Swedish media is reporting at least two people have been injured after an explosion at the Varby Gard subway station in Stockholm

A report released in 2017 confirmed that the nation of Sweden has come to rival crime-ridden Mexico when it comes to grenade attacks. And all this started since the globalists thought it was a good idea to have nations open their doors to Muslim migrants. The problem with hand grenades has become such an issue that even a “Grenade Amnesty” has been proposed.

Sweden Rivals Mexico for Grenade Attacks, Shooting Fatalities Five Times Higher Than Neighbouring Countries.Image may contain: textRelated image

Via Quartz:

Open borders and vintage Balkan hand grenades are being blamed for a crime wave in Sweden

Sweden third largest city, Malmö, has built a reputation as the country’s Chicago. But it’s not just gun violence that’s blighted the port city. It’s borne the brunt of the hand-grenade attacks that have been on the rise in Sweden in the last couple of years: the number of grenade attacks jumped from eight in 2014 to 52 in 2016.

In most of them nobody was hurt, but an eight-year-old British boy, Yuusuf Warsame, was killed after a grenade was thrown into a flat in Gothenburg. He was the only death from a grenade attack since 2014, according to the Swedish Police Authority.

There have been two injuries in that time period. Prime minister Stefan Löfven dubbed the summer of 2015 “the summer of unrest.”

Many of the grenades have been smuggled in from the Balkans, explains Manne Gerell, a criminology researcher at Malmö University who has been studying the attacks.Image may contain: textImage result for trump terror attack on subway

“They are surplus weapons from the civil war,” he says, but “it’s not as well established exactly how they’ve come in [to Sweden].” In some cases, buyers of other smuggled weapons are given the grenades cheaply or for free as a bonus.

Last December, the government proposed tougher penalties (link in Swedish), which should take effect this July. The possession of explosives, such as grenades, would be penalized on the same scale as carrying firearms.

The government proposed raising the minimum prison term from 6 months to a year, and imposing a new penalty scale of 3-6 years for the most serious cases. “Those who go out with a weapon should know that it could be several years before they are allowed to see their family outside of a prison again,” Löfven told parliament earlier this month.

Though the attacks appear random, authorities believe many to be linked with organized crime. “In most cases, either the suspect or the victim is associated with a criminal network,” Gerell says. He suggests the hand grenades are mainly used for intimidation, since many have been thrown into empty cars and buildings. The attack that killed Warsame was linked to an underworld feud.Image may contain: text

These grenade attacks have occurred alongside a record influx of asylum seekers, which the main anti-immigrant party,Image result for trump terror attack on subway

Sweden Democrats, have been quick to capitalize on. “It’s always people from other countries that do these things,” Jorgen Grubb, the party’s chairman in Malmö told Reuters. “What Malmö needs is to put up a red stop sign.”

Previously dubbed Europe’s most refugee-friendly country, Sweden has experienced rising unease over immigration.

This has benefited the Sweden Democrats, once a fringe political group, who are now hoping to win a quarter of the votes in the 2018 general election (polls currently put them at 17%).

While some immigrants have been behind hand-grenade attacks, Gerell dismisses the argument that immigrants are driving a crime wave.Image may contain: text

“It’s a bit more complicated than that,” he says, adding that though there was a record influx of immigrants, “In Malmö, crime overall has actually been falling in the past five years.”Image result for trump

Why do nations who were once great insist on wanting to commit collective suicide? When a nation lets Muslim migrants in they bring with them their customs and satanic cult religion. A religion which is not in any way compatible with free and peace-loving people.

These people are born and bred to fight and to cause chaos. They don’t know anything else and they certainly don’t understand “Peacefull living.” And no matter how much the Globalists try to tell us they can be “converted” into civilized people, it will never happen, at least not for many generations to come.

Luckily with the election of President Donald Trump, us in the US don’t need to worry about this issue for the moment. But I cringe of that it would have been like to have a president like Crooked Hillary Clinton, who is in the back pockets of every radical Muslim nation this world has to offer.Image may contain: text

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