Racist Liberals Irate At Melania’s Awesome Hidden Message Snuck Into Several WH Christmas Displays..

The Trumps are not taking their first Christmas in the White House for granted, especially with every detail of the incredible decor that’s been planned out to perfection. It’s the first lady’s role to coordinate the theme and fine decoration details. Melania Trump has just debuted what she’s been hard at work putting together and it’s clear she’s put a lot of thought into it. Typical to Trump style, the White House halls are decked out in opulence, as one would expect, but it’s something seen within several displays that racist liberals have taken huge issue with for the awesome hidden message that soft-spoken Melania snuck in.

You can expect that the Trumps first Christmas in the White House will be far different than the last two Christmases while the Obamas were occupying the place. We’re seeing that now as footage and pictures of the People’s House have emerged showing Melania’s vision come to life, complete with certain details that conservatives are loving and have longed to see. The first couple are doing things their own way and not making any apologies for it, no matter who it offends, knowing what the country needs now and making it great again. Liberals have hijacked the holiday season for too long with their political correctness and now that’s all coming to an end. The real reason for the season has been absent for the last eight years and now that’s all about to change in a big way that will surely make every liberal snowflake in the country melt.

Unlike her predecessor, Michelle Obama, Melania sees decorating the White House for the privilege that it is, and it’s clear she put a lot of thought into her plans. She even was hands-on in the effort, personally tying the bows on several of her “signature wreaths” that now hang in each window. She wanted to be a part of it in every way and was, clearly appreciating the opportunity while also bringing back the reason for the season with several touches she added.

Melania brought the “white” back into the White House this season, as a color scheme, not a racial theme as racist liberals who have been offended by the Christmas carol, “White Christmas,” will surely be livid about. The pure, beaming beauty of her theme is a sight to be seen and even delighted children who were as impressed by seeing the first lady as they were about her decor.

First lady Melania Trump hosted children to the White House Monday as she walked through a fully-decorated executive mansion, unveiling her vision of a Trump Christmas – simple, yet elegant, with elements of Americana and nature.  

“She’s beautiful, like an angel!” one young boy remarked, as the first lady – whose cream-colored belted dress with bell sleeves could have been worn by a tree topper – walked into the East Room to help a group of kids make a garland. “Are you the first lady?” another youngster asked. 

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made sure to note that Melania Trump “personally selected and was involved in every detail” of the decorations unveiled today. 

Melania Trump entered the holiday festivities by taking the grand staircase, into the foyer, as three ballerinas danced to “The Nutcracker Suite,” in a room filled with faux fur trees glistening with snow.

However, perhaps the most important part of Melania’s entire decor plan was the presence of a nativity scene that was less important in the previous administration.

“The first lady’s office confirmed to The Hill that the White House will display a Nativity scene honoring the birth of Jesus Christ,” according to The Hill.

Although the nativity has been a part of every administration, including Obama’s, for the last 50 years, it seemed to be less of a focus during his administration than it does now during Trump’s. It’s also of note that Trump brought back the greeting “Merry Christmas” as a replacement for “Happy Holidays” since Jesus is the reason for the season and the holiday it celebrating His birth.

In keeping with another time-honored tradition, Melania helped design a magnificent gingerbread replica of the White House, which was notably different than Michelle’s in with one big detail.

“When it comes to the official White House gingerbread house, Melania Trump’s team had one rule — GO BIG OR GO HOME!” TMZ reported.  “Melania’s director of communications Stephanie Grisham claims the edible version of 1600 Pennsylvania used 300 POUNDS of dough! Grisham says the gingerbread house is also punctuated with Melania’s ‘signature wreaths.’”

“The tradition of making a gingerbread White House dates back to 1969 — it was started by Nixon’s executive chef and as the years passed, they got more grand,” the source explained.

By comparison, here’s what Michelle Obama’s gingerbread White House looked like:

It’s funny how two pastries can represent each first lady perfectly — Melania’s design was regal and elegant, just like she is, and Michelle’s was cartoonish and looks like a child’s idea.


President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have not only made America great again, they are about to make Christmas in this country great again. We’re in for a spectacular season we’ve longed for over the last eight years and there’s a lot to celebrate this year, starting with the massively improved economy that makes Christmas easier for a lot of American families.

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